How do I charge my electric vehicle without a charge card?


If you are not a customer with E.ON, you have the following options:

- Go to this page. Insert charge point number and pay by credit card.

- Download the EON Drive app. Select charging point and pay by credit card directly in the app

- Or download the EASY-Park app to your phone. The app allows you to pay for both parking and charging at the same time. 

If you opt to pay via the EON Drive app, please note the following: At first glance, it looks as if you charged your vehicle in Helsinki! This is because payments in the app are coordinated internationally by Virta, our Finnish business partner in Helsinki. This is also why Virta is the name that appears on your bank statements. The identifier is typically 'Virta Ltd O/ EV char'. We realise that this might be confusing, and are working on a better solution.

When you pay using our app, you have the option of receiving a receipt by email if you provide your email address. This gives you a better record of your charging. The payment will be drawn from the payment card you have entered in the app.