Pay using your E.ON charge card on other networks/Roaming


With your E.ON charging card, you can charge at charging stations that are part of our roaming collaboration.

This means that you have access to many stands other than E.ON's. A great advantage when, e.g., you are outside Denmark. Note, however, that E.ON does not affect what other operators charge for charging. We encourage you to use one of the many E.ON charging stations or fast chargers as much as possible.

Your charging card can activate third-party charging stations, as E.ON is part of several roaming partnerships that provide access to public charging stations other than E.ON's own. We encourage you to examine the prices of these third-party charging stations, as E.ON cannot be held responsible for other operators' prices. You should be aware that this price may be higher than the one you find on the operators' websites, as operators may choose to set roaming prices higher than their regular prices.

We recommend contacting the responsible operators to find out what it costs to use their charging stations through roaming. E.ON does not charge additional fees for the price offered by other operators. If an operator, e.g., provide a roaming price of DKK 9 / kWh, E.ON does not charge an additional fee or one-time costs so that you can roam beyond the operator's expense.

You can always keep track of your roaming transactions and prices on your E.ON invoice.

Below we have published indicative prices for the toll operators that our customers most often use when roaming. Note that these rates may change if operators choose to change these roaming rates.

Indicative prices are stated incl. VAT. Reservations are made for price changes. Last updated: 09.02.2021


  • 0.74 EUR / kWh. Approx. 5.5 DKK / kWh


  • 0.85 EUR / kWh. Approx. 6.33 DKK / kWh

E.ON Sweden:

• UFC Chargers (51-350 kW): 5.25 SEK / kWh. Approx. 3.86 DKK / kWh

• Fast chargers (up to 50 kW): 4.95 SEK / kWh + 3 SEK / minute after 45 minutes. Approx. 3.64 DKK / kWh. + 2.21 DKK / minute after 45 minutes

• Fast chargers (up to 43 kW): 4.95 SEK / kWh + 3 SEK / minute after 45 minutes. Approx. 3.64 DKK / kWh. + 2.21 DKK / minute after 45 minutes

• Destination chargers (AC chargers, up to 22 kW): 2.75 SEK / kWh. Approx. 2.02 DKK / kWh

E.ON is continuously working to develop solutions so that roaming prices are displayed dynamically, e.g., in our app or a browser. We will keep you informed of the changes.