Cancelling a subscription and paying your final invoice


If you wish to cancel your subscription, you must send us a written notice of termination - use this form. Your charge card will be blocked on the same date that your cancellation enters into effect.

Your notice period is current month + 1 month. So, regardless of when in any month you cancel, your subscription will continue for the rest of that month and the month after that. Your subscription fee is always invoiced in arrears for the previous month, and your invoice falls due for payment 1 month and 7 days after the end of the subscription month.


  • You cancel your subscription on 28 January to the end of that same month.
  • We invoice you for January on 7 February.
  • Your January invoice must be paid by 7 March.
  • We also invoice you for February on approx. 7 March.
  • Your February invoice must be paid by 7 April.

You should therefore bear in mind that 2-3 months may elapse from the date on which you cancel your subscription until your very last subscription payment.